This wall object-installation is an ironic rendering of a Russian double-headed Imperial Eagle. Today’s Russia brought back this historically loaded symbol in an attempt to showcase its supposedly regained strength and prosperity. However, it only functions to masquerade Russia’s deep economic and societal conflicts and reveals the fraudulent nature of its apparatus. In the piece the Eagle is mounted high on the wall, above an invisible throne, hovering in its Imperial glory. Its surface is made out of long white faux fur which is glued on a plywood silhouette base. A spray painted golden chain word necklace rendered in “Fracture" typeface, is wrapped around the Eagle’s neck. This setup is pointing to the rising nationalistic tendencies in today’s Russian society, and the message is a reflection on Western culture’s stereotype of Russian identity. The dripping of red blood-colored paint behind the eagle, refers to Russia’s bloody past, present, and yet uncertain future.